Vintage Ad Series: SEXISM

Thanks to Mad Men, a bright spotlight has recently been shone on the ad men of yesteryear and their unconventional, and sometimes unethical, marketing practices. In a new feature on, we’ll showcase some of our “favorite” and most shocking vintage ads. They say unless you understand and learn your history, you’re doomed to repeat it. Let’s hope today’s ad men AND women have learned the error of their predecessors ways and don’t take “throwback advertising” too far.


4 responses to “Vintage Ad Series: SEXISM

  1. whoa… rough times

  2. They were, indeed, rough times for women and these were national brands. Fortunately, times have changed for the better, but it is good to see these ads again, if for no other reason than to realize we can’t allow this kind of message to be repeated for any market segment!

  3. It’s sad that today’s advertising space has not evolved that far from these ads. Though it may be in jest, the Axe campaign, and many alcohol beverage campaigns appeal to this same sexist sentiment of objectifying women for the sake of the sale.

  4. I think its first very interesting that only men have commented thus far. I think that gender roles were more clearly defined and respected during those times and unfortunately for women our role was subservient and lesser than male roles. I think advertising is a reflection of reality. Unfortunately things have not changed very much as we still see many of these same types of ads now.

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