WWID: Tiger Woods’ Press Conference, Part 2

Last Friday, Tiger Woods apologized to the nation, his fans, his wife, his family, his mother, his colleagues, the golf press, his Foundation… pretty much everyone who would listen. Much conversation has been had regarding the press conference and the statement read, but from a marketing perspective, how did Tiger do? IMAGES USA’s Partner and Chief Marketing Officer, Ricki Fairley-Brown, weighs in with the final word in our What Would IMAGES Do? Tiger Woods Trilogy:

Tiger’s speech was well-written and choreographed. He obviously had a speech writer and coach to help him prepare. His apology was what I would have expected. The press was crazy to think that he would entertain questions. Anyone in his situation would have done the same thing. As he said about his wife, she will have to see a change in his behavior to see a real apology. I think that goes for most of us. He will be under much scrutiny and will need to demonstrate his remorse with sincere actions. I personally don’t really applaud his apology as it was something he had to do if he wants to hold on to his marriage, if he wants to hold onto to his endorsement relationships, and if he wants return to the course. I can only hope for the sake of his children that he is sincere. They, more than anyone else, are the ones at stake here.


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