WWID: Tiger Woods’ Press Conference, Part 1

Time for another WWID or What Would IMAGES Do?, where IMAGES USA multicultural marketing experts analyze current media faux pas and scandals from a marketing perspective and offer their expertise. Interestingly enough, our second installemnt is also Tiger Woods-related. Part 2 of this post will take place AFTER the press conference.

As the media anxiously awaits what Tiger Woods will say at his press conference, IMAGES USA staffers are weighing in regarding the decision, undoubtedly by his PR staff, to not take any questions. Instead, Woods will read his statement and leave it at that, much to the chagrin of some golf reporters. So, if Woods was an IMAGES client, What Would IMAGES Do? Our staff weighs in:

Simon Trabelsi, Account Coordinator: I honestly don’t think he has anything to gain by taking questions – we know it’s already bad, and the media has probably been mulling over the most poignant questions possible since that fateful November night, so let’s not make it worse. At the end of the day, the Golf Writers of America (whoever they are) are a small blip on the radar comparing to all the hungry media sources who will be giving this event hours of pre and post-coverage. If anything, the boycott is a break for Tiger – he gets to make his statement and move on.

Tuwisha Rogers, Senior Account Executive: Strategically, I would have him speak today, despite the boycotts. I’d have him say “In these ways I ask that my fans, sponsors and spectators alike, understand that the struggle of living a balanced life exist in us all. I am striving to regain your trust and faith in me as I am working on myself. Understand that this episode in my life does not hinder who I am as a professional athlete, yet it continues to build the character of who I am as a man. Thank you.” Then I would not have any questions at the time. I would let the marinate with the media.

Hank Ernest, Senior Account Supervisor, Media Relations: He’s doing the right thing by not taking any questions at this time, knowing that sooner or later he will have to answer questions. Answering questions will only beg for more questions and answers. At this time, he must only appear sincere and contrite.


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