CBS Rejects’s Gay Super Bowl Ad

With the Super Bowl just a little over a week away, much of the internet chatter has been about which brands will wow viewers with their million-dollar commercials. While CBS continues to mull over whether to feature an ad submitted by gay dating site Mancrunch, they’ve already rejected an ad from, a company known for trying to make a splash with its bawdy Super Bowl ads.

Said Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons of the rejected ad, which features an effeminate retired football player who pursues a career as a fashion designer: “Of the five commercial concepts we submitted for approval this year, this never would’ve been my pick for the one that would not be approved. I just don’t think ‘Lola’ is offensive.” See the add

Now that you’ve seen it, is the ad too racy for prime time? Racier than’s past ads that have made the cut? Or is there a more prejudicial factor at play here – scantily clad women are okay, but an openly gay former football player pursuing his dream is not? What do you think?


2 responses to “CBS Rejects’s Gay Super Bowl Ad

  1. Society in general is pretty homophobic nowadays. This commercial being shot down doesn’t surprise me, although eventually the people that make these decisions will have to come up with a logical rationale beyond “THOSE PEOPLE ARE GAY!” Guess it depends on how long people decide to support hypocrisy/homophobia

  2. Shongretta Williams

    I do think the commercial is a little racy but its not the worst thing I’ve seen in primetime television. But, CBS is notorious for their censorship practices. They ban a commercial for a gay dating site, yet the network approved Christian conservative group Focus on the Family ad featuring Tim Tebow and his mother. The network argued that the commercial is not anti-abortion, but more ‘pro-family’.

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