Minorities Look Outside the Workplace for Mentoring on Making It To the “C Suite”

If you look around the IMAGES’ office, you’ll note the staff is as diverse as the landscape of our multicultural marketing business. From the executive suite to our interns, you’ll find diversity in race, background, age, culture and life style. However, when it comes to diversity in the executive suite and upper-management, IMAGES is the exception. At most companies, senior management is overwhelmingly dominated by older, White men.

In a series called “Diversifying the Workplace,” NPR explored this phenomenon and asks why “a lot of American companies are finding that after recruiting and hiring minority employees, it is hard to move them up the ranks,” and what is being done to change this trend.

To listen to the NPR broadcast featuring IMAGES Account Supervisor Tuwisha Rogers, click here.

Tuwisha is featured in the piece receiving career coaching via phone from her coach, Patricia Hayling Price, in an effort to help her navigate her career trajectory toward upper-management in the corporate world. Price is one of the career coaches with Management Leadership for Tomorrow’s (MLT) Career Advancement Program, a selective program for African American, Native American and Hispanic business professionals with post graduate degrees, designed to “keep high-potential mid-career professionals in the pipeline to senior level management.”

“For the minority manager what they need to understand is how do you play the game to win, what’s the bar for excellence, what does it take to get promoted what does it take to avoid the things that can derail somebody,” said John Rice, founder of MLT. “We’re trying to prepare people to navigate their careers in a way that takes the minority issue out of it.”


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