Home Depot Launches Campaign for Chinese Canada

Just in time for the Chinese New Year, Home Depot has launched its first multicultural campaign targeting the large Cantonese-speaking community in Canada… and it’s pretty cool.

The campaign is currently only running in Richmond, B.C., and includes print, TV, in-store signage and radio as well as in-store events like do-it-yourself workshops. But they didn’t stop there. Understanding the traditions and cultural significance of the Chinese New Year in the Asian community is critical to the success of this campaign and Home Depot has done their due diligence. In addition to incorporating traditional artwork into the media push, and running commercials in Cantonese, Home Depot is offering free traditional Cantonese favours like personalized Fei Chun banners that offer messages of good luck and Lai See money envelopes.

So why the focus on Cantonese-speaking Canadians? According to Peg Hunter, vice-president of marketing and communications for The Home Depot Canada, they launched the campaign in Richmond because of its large Cantonese-speaking community and because connecting with consumers in a meaningful way and providing them with the tools and know-how to complete their home improvement is a must for business.

“We saw there were limited home improvement resources available in Cantonese and wanted to bring this knowledge to the community. By reaching out to a group of consumers that we haven’t directly communicated with before, and doing so in their native language, we hope to build strong relationships with the local Cantonese-speaking community while giving them the confidence to invest in their most important asset – their homes. As a result of the campaign, we hope that the Cantonese-speaking community will have the confidence to complete their home improvement projects.”

Great job, aye? Way to go, Home Depot!


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