Vice President, Business Leaders Endorse U.S. Trains

In 2009, IMAGES USA produced a testimonial-style advertising campaign for Amtrak’s Acela, featuring a prominent list of multicultural business and civic leaders extolling the virtues of Amtrak. The campaign, entitled “My Track to Success,” targeted African American and Hispanic consumers in the Northeast corridor. The print and online campaign includes sports commentator James Brown, former Washington, DC Mayor Sharon Pratt, celebrity photographer Johnny Nunez, and Ballet Hispanic director Tina Ramirez, among 10 others who utilize Acela Express on a regular basis.

Another prominent gentleman not featured in the campaign, came out swinging for Amtrak last week in a cover story in Amtrak’s Arrive magazine. Vice President Joe Biden wrote a glowing 6-page self-penned article on his longtime love for America’s railroad. Consider this ode to Amtrak a testimonial on steroids.

Amtrak testimonials feature business leaders (l-r) Pamela Galloway-Tabb, Johnny Nunez, Lillian Rodriguez-Lopez, and Monica P. Hawkins.

In the piece, Vice President Biden remembered his train ride to the Capitol on inauguration day with President and Mrs. Obama:

That day, Gregg Weaver, a conductor who started riding Amtrak the same year I did–1972–introduced me to the crowd. As Gregg spoke, it struck me that over the years, Amtrak provided me with more than a way to get to Washington to serve the people of Delaware every morning and a way to get home to my family each night. It has provided me another family entirely–a community of dedicated professionals who have shared the milestones in my life, and who have allowed me to share the milestones in theirs.

And it has provided me with one thing more, an understanding of–and a respect for–the role of rail travel in our society and our economy.

For the entire article, click here. Thanks to IMAGES guest blogger, Senior Account Executive Hank Ernest for this entry!


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