WWID: What Would IMAGES Do?// Tiger Woods

WWID or What Would IMAGES Do? is our new feature, where IMAGES USA marketing experts analyze current media faux pas and scandals from a marketing perspective and offer their expertise. So, if Woods was an IMAGES client, What Would IMAGES Do? Our staff weighs in:

Ricki Fairley-Brown, Partner and CMO: I’d advise Tiger to fess up and apologize. He should let go of his ego, show some humility and ask for forgiveness. David Letterman is even making jokes about him and he just got out of the hot seat, but he did it the right way; he apologized humbly and publicly.

Jelanii Reed, Account Supervisor: First, he needs to remove himself from the media. If he does appear in the media, he should have an open, candid conversation with Oprah, admit his indiscretions and then fall back. During that time out of the limelight, the assumption is that he’s putting family before everything else. Do what Chris Brown should have done.

Ahmad Abdul-Ali, Account Supervisor: As far as his endorsements, be proactive and have his management team open up dialogue with each brand and see where they stand. If it’s a truly symbiotic relationship, then they should be open to discuss next steps and not turn their back to him during the rough times.


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