African-American Moms & Hispanics Focus of Coca-Cola’s 2020 Multicultural Marketing Plan

Last week, Atlanta-based beverage giant, Coca-Cola, rolled out there 2010 plan to the media and investors and gave a peek into where the company’s core focus in the United States will be in 2020 – African American moms and Hispanic men and women. Already, multicultural consumers account for 33% of all of Coca-Cola’s U.S. volume, and given the population growth occurring in this country, by 2020, those consumers will make up 40% of U.S. volume.

Katie Bayne, chief marketing officer of Coca-Cola North America said

“Our multicultural plans are now 12-month plans. It is no longer Hispanic heritage month followed by Cinco de Mayo,” Ms. Bayne said. “We have a deep connection through the World Cup with Hispanic males and through the novelas with Hispanic females.”

In addition to a Hispanic consumer focus, the prolific brand has developed a 12-month strategy for African-American consumers, specifically the African-American mom.

“We’re really focusing on moms. Moms lead the decisions in this segment of the population, even more than others, so we’re really focusing on her,” Ms. Bayne said. “Also, [we’re] celebrating the historically black colleges and universities, Black History Month and connecting over music.”

That sounds like a fantastic strategy for 2020… but what about plans for the next decade? Why wait?



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