Levi’s “Go Forth” Campaign

Levi’s enlisted the creative skills of Cary Fukunaga and M. Blash for their visually stunning “Go Forth” ads. Fukunaga, who won Best Director in this years’ Sundance Film Festival for his film Sin Nombre, helmed the black and white “America” ad, while Blash directed the more colorful “O, Pioneers.”

Both ads are backed by audio of Walt Whitman’s poems “America” and “O, Pioneers.” The ads are part of Levi’s new campaign for 501 jeans, aimed at capitalizing on the skinny jean trend and youth culture. Take one look at the actors involved – a refreshingly diverse group in terms of race – and it’s clear that Levi’s is taking this trend toward marketing to the coveted millennials very seriously. And it’s paid off. Levi’s has seen the market share of the 501, within their total Levi’s business, increase from 70% in 2006 to 76% in 2008, which they attribute to the new campaign. Job well done, Levi’s.


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