Our corporate colors are blue and gold, but like most large and small companies across the United States, IMAGES USA is proudly going “green.”

With the enthusiastic support of our staff, we have instituted a number of practices that we hope, in our small way, will help lessen IMAGES environmental footprint. We believe it is our responsibility, both at work and at home, to make the adjustments to provide a cleaner and healthier environment for all. We were also very happy to discover that our new processes helped improve efficiency and lowered operating costs! For example, the design of our new building reduced heating and lighting costs by 60 percent compared to our previous offices.

Following is a list of other minor and major things we’re doing to “greenify” IMAGES:

· We print double sided in the office where possible
· All light bulbs used are of the energy saving type
· We switch off lights when they are not needed
· Computers and monitors are turned off when not in use
· Our toner cartridges are recycled – the quality of recycled cartridges has improved
· We encourage our staff members to telecommute from home twice a month, which saves fuel
· Our company stationery, business cards and marketing materials are printed on recycled paper which display the FSC 100% recycled logo on the reverse
· Office waste paper is collected for recycling
· Our kettle is of the “fast boil” type
· We threw out the cool water machine and are proud to drink filtered tap water to avoid needless deliveries
· We use email where possible to communicate rather than fax or letter
· We use video and phone conferencing where possible
· We incentivize our staff to use public transport alongside car sharing
· We avoid using paper towels where possible
· We sponsor and support local environmental initiatives

“Going Green” is an incremental process and we are on the lookout for other action steps that will help us along the path. A focused effort can have a meaningful impact… have any suggestions for us? Thanks!


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