Como Estan, Mexicanos! Marketing to the Largest Hispanic Subset

Did you know that Mexicans comprise the highest percentage of the United States’ Hispanic population? Well now you know! It probably goes without saying, but Hispanic marketing must be compartmentalized according to country to origin. Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Mexicans, South Americans – each of these groups vary greatly in cultural behaviors and buying patterns. The same can be said regarding the level of acculturation; foreign-born Hispanics vs. bi-cultural Hispanics. Bi-cultural Hispanics are generally either first generation American born or lived in the U.S. for an extended period of time.

Marketing to Hispanics will never be one-size-fits-all, although far too many marketers continue to translate English-language advertising to Spanish-language, assuming it will resonate with the entire Hispanic population. By making this mistake, marketers may unwittingly position a client in a negative or culturally insensitive light. Some facts to consider:

  • 15% of the U.S. Mexican population is considered affluent. Unfortunately, many marketers assume most Mexicans are of a low income bracket.
  • Mexicans are very religious, the majority are Catholic and divorce is still frowned upon.
  • Family is everything! Most households consists of three generations.
  • Mexicans are one of the most social groups of Hispanics. Futbol is the preferred spectator sport.
  • Mexicans buy more American-made products vs. foreign products.

Mexican Marketing Facts:

Mexicans of all levels of acculturation tend to respond well to Spanish-language advertising (print or commercial). They also listen to a lot of radio and read a lot of community newspapers. Surprisingly, Mexicans respond very highly to direct mail, especially the foreign-born segment. Who knew? Guess this is all the more reason to research, research, research the cultural idiosyncrasies of Mexican, Central and South American cultures, values and communication preferences if you want to effectively reach a population.


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