Beauty Industry Booming Among Latina Households

Pay attention, Hispanic marketers! The cosmetics category continues to position itself as an advertising force. A recent study conducted by research firm Simmons (on behalf of Univision Communications) finds that Latinas may place more value on beauty and appearance than their non-Latina counterparts (cue general market advertising) and may generate initiatives among more beauty brands.

A few statistics worth noting:

  • 61% of Latinas agree with the statement that “how I look on the outside projects the way I am on the inside.”
  • 69% of Latinas (versus 46% of non-Latinas) believe that “it is very important to wear makeup and look good.”
  • 67% of Latinas (versus 50% of non-Latinas) cited their mother as the person who influenced them to take care of their skin, hair or physical appearance.
  • 73% of Latinas agree with the statement “I influence my children to take care of their skin, hair and appearance.” By comparison, 57% of non-Hispanic women agreed with this statement.

(Read more of the study’s results here)

While some categories have considerably trimmed their Hispanic marketing budgets, enormous growth continues with pampering product like bath and body oil, moisturizer, false eyelashes and eye shadow. Interestingly enough, cost is not a key driver in cosmetic purchasing decisions, which lends some thought to the massive opportunity for high-end cosmetic and hair care manufacturers to extend their reach, especially with Spanish-language television advertising.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, brands such as Cover Girl and Avon have done a superb job reaching to lower and middle-class Latina consumers. It’s time luxury beauty brands recognized Latina buying power.

Photo by Lightscapes.


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